Relocating a Business | Your Guide to A Successful Corporate Move

If you are beginning the process to relocate a business, you know that this is an overwhelming time. With over 30 years of experience in relocating corporate and educational clients, we have developed a “Roadmap to Success” to guide you through our proven technique to minimize disruption during your relocation. As you move through each phase of your relocation check back on this guide to ensure you haven’t missed a critical step along your journey. 

If you need more help, check out our Relocation Resource Center that contains guides and checklists to help you make your move.

Relocation Preparation: Pre-Move Activities

The beginning steps of the relocation process are critical to your overall success. As you build your stakeholder team ensure that you include leaders who can make decisions along with facilities, IT, and other department managers to help you lead the process. Ensure that you spend time reviewing your existing space to determine what your needs are in your new location and how you plan to maximize the use of your new space. Remember communication is key so start early in planning your meetings and schedule them regularly to stay on track with your relocation schedule.

What Should You Include In Your Relocation Plan?

Relocation Budgets, Vendors & Inventory

As you are planning your company relocation ensure that you have developed a comprehensive budget with your leadership team which should include the move coordinator, move company, furniture and infrastructure needs. Ensure that you have a detailed move matrix to reflect all staff and inventory relocating. The matrix will outline the current location of staff and inventory along with their identified location in your new space. A detailed scope of move will also provide you with the most accurate price as you bid out your move to a variety of companies.

Planning Your Move to Reduce Disruption

As the move is drawing near take time to develop a detailed packing guide with your mover and set multiple training times for staff. Remember communication is key to a successful relocation, so use this time to provide detailed information including an hour by hour plan for what the move day will look like for staff. Once the move is complete, setup a command center to serve is a one stop location for staff to find any missing items or communicate issues that need to be addressed. 

For additional details on setting up your relocation click on our Roadmap to Relocation: The “Must Have” Guide to a Successful Relocation. 

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