Corporate Relocation: Key Tips for HR Managers

As an HR Manager Planning A Company Move, What Should You Think About?

As Human Resource Managers, we are often tasked with managing the relocation of our company. With over 30 years of experience working with executives to successfully lead teams through relocations we understand the unique role that you have been given and created a plan to walk you through key aspects of the process. Below are three key tips to launching a successful relocation plan.

Communication About Your Company Move Is Key

Whether you are moving 100 or 1,000 staff members, communication is key to a successful relocation project. As you develop your stakeholder committee and relocation plan, focus on “why” the relocation is necessary. Lead with the “why” as you begin communicating the plan throughout the organization. Communicate in real time to give employees updated information, dispel rumors, and answer questions to reduce anxiety. Ensure that your team includes leadership, facilities, IT, and department managers. 

Plan Your Relocation Early

Start planning your relocation 6 -12 months in advance for moves larger than 300 staff. Get a qualified team on board including a relocation management coordinator, furniture vendors and a mover. Furniture can take anywhere from 3 – 6months to arrive and install so don’t delay in ordering for your new location!

Hire a Qualified Mover

Developing a detailed scope of work is key to bidding and obtaining the right moving company for your project. The scope will include the breakdown of staff, inventory and infrastructure relocating. The mover price will range from $100 – $150 per person with additional fees for inventory, furniture and warehouse content. 

To learn more about how to manage a corporate relocation, check out our latest guide specific for HR managers or visit our resources page for additional checklist and plans. 

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