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Office Liquidation | What do I do with all this old furniture?

By: David Suter, President One of the aspects of moving an office that is often overlooked is the cost of removing or liquidating the furniture, fixture & Equipment (FF&E) that you no longer need.  Depending on the size of your organization, those costs can be anywhere between a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands […]


Office Move: Communicating to Employees [Checklist Included]

Communication is key for a successful relocation and our proven strategy starts with a 3 month plan to bring your team on board. As leaders we are often involved in the decision making process a year to two years in advance of when we start the conversation with our teams. It’s critical to understand the […]

Team Relocation: How to Transition During Change

What Does It Take To Successfully Move Your Team To A New Office? To successfully navigate change in your organization it is critical to understand the difference in change vs. transition management. Change is something that happens to us, like the move to a new facility. Transition focuses on the human factor and what’s going […]