Office Move: Communicating to Employees [Checklist Included]

Communicating an office move to employees

Communication is key for a successful relocation and our proven strategy starts with a 3 month plan to bring your team on board. As leaders we are often involved in the decision making process a year to two years in advance of when we start the conversation with our teams. It’s critical to understand the impact that clear and concise communication has on the success of your relocation project. Below you will find tips from 30 years of experience in relocation educational institutions, corporations and municipalities.

3 Months Before Your Office Moves

One of the first steps in planning is to create a Steering Committee with leadership members wo can make decisions and lead the communications to staff regarding the move. Without the key leaders in place communication can be challenging as your route information around for approval to release. The Steering Committee will define the project timeline, and outline the communication plan for the organization. The committee members will start to share why the move is necessary and define any cultural changes in the organization as a result of the move.

1 Month Before Moving Your Office

The move excitement builds as you get closer to move day. This is a great time to start rolling out the move plans and relocation trainings with impacted departments. Purge parties can help to reduce excess items from moving to the new space. The Steering Committee should be having weekly move meetings addressing any potential issues with the schedule, construction timelines, furniture installations, or building access. To help reduce anxiety, schedule building tours after your trainings, if possible, to help staff envision themselves in the new space. 

Moving Your Business: Week Of The Move

Move week can overwhelm even the strongest of leaders. With the right team in place and a clear communication plan you help to alleviate the anxiety for all involved. Take time to review the move checklist with department leaders and communicate times when staff are to leave in preparation of the move. Utilize your move champions to help greet staff on their first day in the new space and celebrate with a welcome party.

For a quick reference download our Communication Plan to help guide your teams to a successful relocation in your organization.

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