Team Relocation: How to Transition During Change

What Does It Take To Successfully Move Your Team To A New Office?

To successfully navigate change in your organization it is critical to understand the difference in change vs. transition management. Change is something that happens to us, like the move to a new facility. Transition focuses on the human factor and what’s going through people’s minds as they go through the change. Navigating this process requires an investment of time to build trust, clear communication, and support for our team-members.

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Roadmap to Relocation: A “Must Have” Guide to A Successful Office Move

What Does It Take to Successfully Move An Entire Office?

We have taken over 30 years of experience relocating corporate and educational clients and built the “Roadmap to Success” to guide you through our proven technique to minimize disruption during your relocation.

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Corporate Relocation: Desk Configuration Template (Download)

Moving Office Locations? Here’s how to make desk moves happen!

This download helps everyone’s desk get setup in the best way possible.

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Corporate Relocation: Tips for HR Managers (Download)

Are You An HR Manager In Charge Of Moving A Business?

As Human Resource Managers, we are often tasked with managing the relocation of our company. With over 30 years of experience working with executives to successfully lead teams through relocations we understand the unique role that you have been given and created a plan to walk you through key aspects of the process.

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Corporate Move Checklist

Preparing For An Office Move?

Here’s a checklist for both individuals and departments to organize a move.

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Company Relocation Communication Plan

Moving Your Business? Communication Is Key!

A checklist to work through regarding employee communication during a company move.

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Relocating Your Organization: 4 Step Guide

Relocating Your Office? Start With This Guide.

To have a successful relocation plan you must learn the foundational elements which include engaging the leadership team, developing your time- line, creating a relocation planning committee, and training on change vs. transition management. Our team of relocation experts will walk you through each category step by step and provide you with templates to help structure your plan.


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