The Power of Momentum

Sara Suter, Vice President

Leader’s momentum is not a topic we discuss at our strategic planning meetings, yet it’s something we are all striving for in our organizations. I believe that the power of momentum can transform organizations when we spend time understanding what it takes to create it. It’s not something that just happens or a feeling in the air when things align and the company starts to progress. Momentum is the power of all the little moments added together that create a big impact on the organization. But what does it really take to gain momentum and are you equipped to build momentum in your teams? Through my years of trial and error I have identified three key factors that will help leaders on their journey.

Building momentum takes courage

Are you willing to make tough decisions and follow through on them? As servant leaders, we are investing a significant amount of time developing our teams, and through that process we must get the right people in the right place at the right time to really move the pendulum forward. To make organizational changes, you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourselves to remain relevant in your industry. For some, this may be realigning your team and for others, this may be evaluating your product or service options. As leaders, we must be strong in our convictions and bold in our decision making to create momentum. When a leader believes in their team and encourages them to take risk, you will watch the potential of the organization grow.

Building momentum takes creativity

Through the world of social media, companies can share their wins and build an energy around their organization just by being strategic in their marketing efforts. Companies can start taking simple steps of weekly posts on successful projects, employee spotlights, and group gatherings highlighting the culture to create a buzz around the organization. Once you start growing your social media campaigns, you may find individuals seeking employment opportunities with your company simply because they like your culture.  Or, you may have organizations calling to partner with you because your values align with theirs. It’s not always about a product or an outcome.  The marketing opens a view into the culture and heart of your organization which can lead to tremendous opportunities that you didn’t even know existed.

Building momentum takes consistency

Momentum is not about one big project or client, it’s the continual small acts that build the character and credibility of your organization. Servant leadership teaches us that when we invest in our teams to build trust, it enables us to remain consistent in how we respond to challenges. In business, we often look at the success of an individual or an organization based upon recent accomplishments or successes.  Rarely do we spend time understanding how many years were invested in building the foundation and consistently chasing the goal to get to where they are right now. It takes consistency, diligence, and a commitment to investing your time and efforts daily.  I want to encourage you to keep pushing forward, even if it feels like you aren’t gaining speed, as that consistent drive will eventually create the momentum you are seeking.

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